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Earth Day 2016 

Protecting Your Piece Of The Planet

2 STOP USING DISPOSABLE PLASTIC. This one is easy peasy. 
Earth Day is April 22nd, and 2016 marks the 50th 
You shop every week and some stores like WholeFoods give you a
discount for BYOBing. In Los Angeles, you’ll ind that the cost of plastic 
Anniversary of the annual worldwide celebration. bags add up quickly with additional charges to you grocery bill.

Did you know that the secular holiday is Invest in reusable bags - your wallet and the world thanks you.

celebrated in more than 192 countries globally?
Honestly, there is nothing better for you 
(or fresher) than locally grown produce. It also supports your local
economy. Buy from a local farm or sign up for a crop share from your 
Are you looking to have an impact or make less of an impact when 
it comes to protecting the environment? Here are some simple local farmer.

ways to get started that take little to no efort. Together we can 4 STOP THE JUNK MAIL. 
make a diference.
There are several sites online to sign up to 
remove yourself from unwanted catalogs or credit card ofers.
1 Not only are you helping the planet, but you are also saving yourself time 
START COMPOSTING. Make those $5.00 cofees a bit more 
valuable. Did you know that you can pick up free cofee grounds
from going through unwanted mail. You are welcome.

at your local Starbucks? The grounds are relatively rich in nitrogen, 
providing bacteria the energy they need to turn organic matter 
into compost.
For more easy tips on things you can do to be earthy friendly, check out and start protecting your little corner of the planet today.

Product Spotlight

Products To Watch 

What’s Trending At AFRFurniture Rental



Available in both black 
and white, The Accord 
Chair has Polished 

aluminum arms with 
soft armrests. It’s 

leather upholstery with 
pleated details and 
hammock style sling 

back embraces the 
user without creating With an Ivory finish, this four-door 

pressure points. This credenza adds a unique appeal
contemporary chair is KRYSTAL
to any room. The distinctive trim 
ideal for upscale office 
decorates mirrored panels on 
meeting areas and each of the doors.
executive style work CREDENZA

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