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How do you keep your model 

current without breaking the bank? 

You don’t have to completely 

change the entire model. Take a 

look at replacing key pieces.

There are many diferent ways to change 

up and refresh your model homes Here are ten diferent ways you 

without breaking the bank.
can make a model feel refreshed 
and new:

Take a walk through your models and 
take a good hard look at them from your > De-clutter

customers’ perspective, while asking > 
Replace and change out photos
yourself a few questions. Maybe they still and artwork
look good, but have they been looking 
> Change pillows & throws
that same “good” for a year or two?
> Add or replace an area rug
What about your target demographic? 
Has it changed? Perhaps it used to be
> Change cocktail table centerpieces

the irst time renter right out of college > Update and switch out lamps

and you’ve done a renovation this
> Change the curtains
past year and it is now the 35-year old 
> Use all loor lamps to change 
professional. Has there been a rebranding the lighting

efort? Is the model and community > Rearrange the furnishings 
décor aligned with the new branding? in the room

Every detail needs to be relective of your > Paint an accent wall
company and the living experience that 

prospective residents will enjoy if they 

rent a unit.
After refreshing the model, there’s even 

How do you keep your model current more you can do to maximize your 
budget. Many communities are moving 
without breaking the bank? You don’t 
have to completely change the entire away from the fully furnished model. 

model. Sometimes it is not about doing Consider creating a busy season model 
or move to a mini model and maximize 
every piece. Take a look at replacing key 
pieces. Change out the sofa, love seat the approach. Springtime is when many 

and artwork. Take a look at the bedroom, people think about moving. Consider 
having a model available only from 
if you have a contemporary leather 
headboard, perhaps that big loral print February through June. During that

comforter needs to be replaced with a time, make sure to schedule a photo 
print and texture that is more current shoot with a professional photographer 

with today’s trends.
so that you have photos for your online 

marketing eforts and allow guests to 
Choose one or choose a few. Simple, take a virtual tour. Capitalizing on smaller 

subtle changes can make a big statement investments can still provide you with the 
tools you need to sell your units.
and make a space feel rejuvenated!

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