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Even the smallest of spaces 

can easily be transformed 

into a men only sanctuary.


im, “the tool man” Taylor had his garage. Hot rocker Uncle 

Jesse utilized his basement for music and let’s not forget Joey and 
Chandler, who had the ultimate spot by using their entire apartment 

for one. Each of these pop culture icons had their very own and 
unique “man cave.” Many men, in a female decorated household, 

dream of having their own space to relax, retreat, and let’s face it, 
get away from the women for a little bit! Creating one’s personal 

space can take some negotiation and compromise. It doesn’t matter 
the size or location of the room. Even the smallest spaces can easily 

be transformed into a men only sanctuary.

In majority of households today the most commonly used space 
for the man cave is typically the basement. This room ofers a larger 

space to add bigger pieces of furniture, a bar, and a sound system 
for those big football games on Sunday afternoons. It can be used 

for entertaining your guy friends while staying separate from the 
rest of the house. It doesn’t just have to be the basement though. 

You may think you have limited options if your ideal space is out of 
question but that’s not true.

If you are unsure which space to make into your ultimate man cave 

look at all your possibilities. Sure, we would all love the biggest 
room in the house completely to ourselves, but in reality we have to 

make do with what we have sometimes. If your home currently uses 
a garage for storage try thinking of renting a storage unit to house 

those unnecessary items taking up space. You can then add lighting, 
insulation if you need to, and transform the space into exactly what 

you want it to be.

Another option to look at is any extra rooms in the house. If you 

have a spare bedroom or perhaps a den that isn’t necessarily used 
for anything, talk with your partner about using those spaces. If there 

isn’t one speciic room that is free to use try converting a section 
of that room into your man space. By using a room divider you can 

separate your space from the rest of the room. Add some paint, a 
dart board, video games, whatever it is that interests you. The space 

is yours and you’re free to design it how you wish.

Creating a man cave can be overwhelming. Many men want the ultimate 

room illed with all the ideal things they can think of. It doesn’t have to be 

an overwhelming task. It’s simply a way for a man to watch his sports, drink 

his beer, and hang out with the guys. It certainly doesn’t have to be a room 

that over powers every other space in the home. Whether it be a big room or 

a small space remember ladies when the sign says, “KEEP OUT!” Do it!

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