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AFR® Employee Spotlight

Meet BRian Ernest

AFR® Customer Service Specialist in Durham, North Carolina

Meet Brian Ernest, residential customer service specialist for AFR® Furniture Rental in 

Durham, North Carolina. A people person at his core, he enjoys personally interacting 
with clients and colleagues alike. He is passionate, dedicated and compassionate – 
all of which are great qualities that we value in the AFR® Family. He’s not all work, 

though, he also loves of-road racing, farming, and boating. Keep reading to ind out 
the scoop on this fun guy who loves making AFR® customers happy.

Original Hometown: Pennsauken, New Jersey
Favorite Color: 
Black. It goes with everything.
Do You Have a Guilty Pleasure? I love watching Project Runway. What? 

Favorite Food: I love Cheeseburgers.and Meatballs.
What Was Your First Job? I worked in the haunted castle on Morey’s 

Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey. It was pretty cool.
What Is Your Favorite Music And Why? I love 70’s AM radio.

It reminds me of my grandparents.
Favorite App? Amazon Prime. I’m an addict.

Favorite Getaway and Relax Spot? Somewhere around Jordan Lake. 
It’s my secret spot.

Favorite Childhood Memory: I have always loved spending time with 
friends and family.

Favorite Charity: Tour de Cure – American Diabetes Association
Pictured: Brian, with his wife and two dogs.


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