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3 lacquered traditional Effortless elegance 
wooden boxes in an – a phrase we hear so much today 
abstract mix of blue, 
green and brown
when it comes to home design. If one were to look it up, if there 

was such a dictionary for timeless phrases, the deinition would 

be Napa. So grab a glass of Napa chardonnay – a Trefethn or 

Frog’s Leap – and come with us as we take a laconic journey 

through the valley to deine its style and ind ways to bring Napa 

style into your home.

First, one needs a place to stay on this journey. There are many 

incredible resorts in the area, but we liked the Carneros Inn for 

its beautiful interpretation and expression of the Napa way of 

life. The designers incorporated the indoor-outdoor lifestyle 
of Napa almost everywhere. Because of the weather in the 
valley which is often hot, the design of the outdoor spaces is as 

important as its counterpart. Often the day begins with cofee 
while sitting in a lavender-scented garden and ends with friends 
Modern abstract art on canvas
and family around a ire pit with a glass of brandy.

AFREarns Two 

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From National Corporate Housing

Platinum / 2015 Furniture Provider of the Year 
Platinum / 2015 Housewares Provider of the Year

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