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W e hear the phrase – home is 
where the heart is – a lot,
especially in the business we are 
in of furnishing homes and spaces. 
But if it’s true, which of course it 
is, then for three families in the 
Brooklyn area, where Super Storm 
Sandy hit, the loss of their homes 
meant the loss of heart and hope.

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AFR® Employee Spotlight
Meet Talia Malizia

AFR® Residential Account Executive for New York Metro

Meet Talia Malizia, Residential Account Executive in AFR’s NY Metro location. 
She develops new business and services existing clients in Models & Home 

Staging. She enjoys designing and seeing a client’s satisfaction when they see 
their transformed spaces, along with being part of a team that works hard to 

hit their sales goals. Talia loves to inspire and be inspired. Read on to ind out 
what keeps her excited and loving life.

What is your hometown? Clifside Park, New Jersey

What is your favorite color? Gold! I’m into the metallic look this year, and plus it is
the color of money..real money.

What kind of music do you like? I have an eclectic mix of Rock-n-Roll, Reggae, 
Golden Oldies and Hip-Hop on my iPod. The only thing I don’t like is Classical and 
Pictured: Talia at a Residential Trade Show
Heavy Metal.
What’s on your bucket list? I am obsessed with HGTV, and I would love to buy a If you could have a super power, what would it be?

home and lip it. I also want to go skydiving.
I want to inspire. If I can help people open a channel in their 
When you need to take a deep breath, what do you do to de-stress?
lives beyond furniture, I love to do so. Whether it’s helping them 
with a new perspective, an idea, activity or whatever, I always 
I enjoy meditation with imagery or hitting the gym to work it of.
focus on the positive – that’s my biggest asset, and it brings me 

What’s your favorite quote? It’s my play of of Seneca’s famous quote. “When hard joy to share it with everyone.
work meets opportunity, it creates luck.”
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Tell us a favorite childhood memory. My grandfather and I are the original In reality? More work. In fantasy, I love to swim and be outside in 
wedding crashers. We’d get bored at a party and sneak into someone else’s party. the sun. I love to dance. I love music. My new hobby is painting. 

I had a ton of fun being silly with my grandfather.
My husband and I both love to go to Painting With A Twist. Try it!


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