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IN TIME OF NEED – Press Release

Posted: 1.07.11
Category: In The Community


"New Jersey Affordable Housing Management Association (JAHMA) Foundation in association with American Furniture Rental (AFR) is proud to announce the recent installation of furniture as part of its IN TIME OF NEED furniture distribution program. On Monday, December 20, 2010, AFR installed furniture in the apartment of Ms. Yeis Marie Gonzalez Ruperto and her four young children living at the Penn Village Apartments in Penns Grove, New Jersey. Penn Village Apartments is managed by Community Realty Management of Pleasantville, New Jersey. Ms. Ruperto received new furniture for the dining room and bedrooms. The JAHMA Foundation and AFR would like to thank Lisa Torres, Property Manager; Leah Lewis, Social Services Coordinator; and Nilda Soto, Administrative Assistant, for recommending this worthy resident and facilitating the installation."

"The IN TIME OF NEED Furniture program has now completed 23 such furniture installations. The furniture has combined retail value in excess of $300,000 that has been donated to low-income families living in affordable housing sites since May of 2006. Site personnel at any JAHMA "affiliated property” can submit an application on behalf of a needy resident/family that is in need of furniture. The furniture program is one of two major ongoing activities of the JAHMA Foundation; the other being a scholarship program to which residents of JAHMA affiliated properties are eligible to apply. The JAHMA Foundation is sincerely and deeply appreciative of the opportunity to be partnered with a high quality company like AFR. AFR Furniture Rental, a New Jersey based company founded in 1975 is the nation’s third largest rental provider of residential, office and special events furniture. AFR services the eastern United States from southern Maine through northern South Carolina with nine strategically located offices and warehouse distribution centers along the I-95 corridor."

"This joint venture between AFR and the JAHMA Foundation exemplifies the continuing commitment of the Foundation to provide meaningful assistance to needy residents at JAHMA affiliated properties. Without a doubt one of the more compelling aspects of the furniture installation was the emotionally moving reaction of Ms. Ruperto. Among the dignitaries in attendance at the installation were: John Washington, Mayor of Penns Grove, and Darleen Adens, Executive Property Manager for Community Realty Management."

"Anyone wishing to learn more about the IN TIME OF NEED program can access the JAHMA website ( and click on the IN TIME OF NEED icon or, they can contact Dr. Bruce W. Johnson, the program administrator, at 215-262-4230."