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2011 Wedding Trends

Posted: 4.25.11
Category: Special Events

As the 2011 wedding season heats up, here are some of the emerging trends (courtesy of and how you and your clients can utilize AFR Event Furnishings and our ever-growing product line so that your event is the most stylish and amazing ever!

Trend: Sultry ballerina themed: Shredded fabrics, fluffy feathers, pale pinks and “pretty” things.

AFR Recommendation: Basic white such as our RS Function collection or a petite grouping of RS Orbit lit in pink and adorned with baby pink pillows sets the stage for a sweet and stylish space. Try a VIP bar that glows in pink to complete the look.

Trend: Exotic Indian: Purples, reds, golds, and lavish décor

AFR Recommendation: Where do we begin? Collections of furnishings including Imperial (purple fabric) benches and Tangerine (orange fabric) sofas and chairs are right on the money! Add some Indian-inspired custom-created paisley or henna style slide walls, some lighted cubes and the right décor pieces for a great look. Remember, color rules and there is no right or wrong. This is a chance to let your imagination go wild!

Trend: Food truck fun: Waffles, tacos, burgers, sushi, desserts, dumplings and more…

AFR Recommendation: If you are going to have food trucks at your wedding, you are obviously a fun and hip bride (or groom). Why not set up ultra-lounges either inside or outdoors? Imagine a “pop-up” wedding if you will, filled with chic chaise lounges, continual seating, and communal tables that continue for as long as the eye can see. The RS Hayden Collection (wooden dining tables and benches) or RS Club (powder coated, brushed steel and lighted from within) for that sexy, nighttime glow are the choices for dining in style; the rest of the RS Signature Collections are also a “sure-thing” for on-trend environments!


Trend: Prohibition-era elegance: Think “Speak-Easy” chic.

AFR Recommendation: The Sophistication line provide many amazing options from which you can create a variety of groupings made up of high-backed sofas, chairs and curved banquettes adorned with red satin pillows, and accented with black & white patterned slide walls to complete the look…or want something more sultry?  Try a mix and match of our gorgeous gunmetal gray Grammercy collection.

Trend: The redefined princess: Ahhh, to be hip, young, and bound to tradition. Can you make the classics cool?  Of course you can.

AFR Recommendation: The RS Signature Series offers five amazing lines including, RS Plaza, Work with the sofas and chairs to create a lounge area fit for not the Queen (okay, maybe the queen too), but right now…a princess.  Naturally, decorative pillows to accent your highness's chosen colors and voila!


Trend: Ivy league chic: Plaids and stripes for a retro mix of preppy sensibility

AFR Recommendation: So many choices, so little … space? Well, depending on what you are decorating, the possibilities are endless. Build on any of our multi-functional collections including Whisper (white with tufted buttons), Bella Chocolate (brown fabric), or Tuscany (a classic club looking brown leather) and accent with customized plaid pillows (yes, we’ll happily create pillows just for you!) – both go wonderfully with our Harmony wood tables. Add a blue glow piece to take Ivy League to the next level!

Trend: Man caves: Blackjack tables, brandy bars, and stogies. Give the man what he wants!

AFR Recommendation: So to start this man-cave right, what better than some black leather furniture?  Our Metro Sofa, loveseat and chair are the ideal base. A Manhattan bar set with an Espresso Back Bar to add some modular elements as well as a place to put bottles, glasses, cigar selections, and décor items and instant man-cave. Nice.

Trend: Pre-Wedding PJ Parties: Such a girly event deserves girly surroundings…
AFR Recommendation: Mirrored slide walls, Plaza chaise lounges, sofas, and chairs, and lots of colorful pillows to make everyone feel oh-so-pretty and stylish!

Trend: Haute desserts: Saving the best for last. Integrate special endings into the room décor,

AFR Recommendation: When it comes to displaying desserts same old is OUT! How about a reveal from behind custom-colored and branded slide walls, interactive lighted dessert bars, or creating a structure out of 25 lighted cubes in various colors including blue, green, red, orange, pink and more…

Trend: Video guest books: Take the photo booths up a notch…

AFR Recommendation: And while AFR is not a photo booth company, why not help a booth out by transforming the ordinary into something special. Try using slide or waterfall walls, lit pedestals or curved lit bars to morph appearances. Creativity works…go for it.

Trend: Surprise honeymoons:

AFR Recommendation: Want to get away but don’t have the time? Call AFR and we can set the backyard with our Broadway collection. Add some netting, a waterfall wall and you are in Bali…


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