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Home Staging – A Powerful Tool!

Posted: 8.31.11
Category: AFR Residential

When the housing market was booming, strategically decorating your home helped you stand out from the rest of the pack. Today the economy has slowed, the real estate market is weak and home staging is more important than ever. With buyers viewing so many vacant properties, why not stand out and invite them into a warmly decorated home? 

Staging can be a smart investment; the goal is to create a sense of comfort and size while avoiding overtly personal touches like heirlooms, toys or family photos. This allows buyers to picture themselves living in the space. Done correctly, staging can help sell your home quickly while maximizing the value of your investment.

Need help getting in touch with the industry’s top staging professionals?  AFR’s network of professional stagers have decades of experience in preparing homes for the market. Partnered with a fabulous selection of furniture and accessories, AFR offers competitive pricing and flexible terms to help you maintain your homes value and CLOSE THE DEAL!

Now more than ever, home staging is a powerful tool that delivers results! With professional service, creativity and inspiration;  the result of selling your home will be priceless.