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New Year, New Rooms, New You

Posted: 1.11.12
Category: AFR Residential

Happy New Year!

It’s time for a fresh start, but its cold outside! So why not bring some New Years Cheer inside your home and have fun transforming your living space? There are tons of fun and easy ways to change the look of your apartment with out spending a lot of money! Decorating doesn’t have to be a total renovation; just being creative can really help you change the look of your space. To help you get started, check out these inexpensive ideas that will have your living space freshened up in no time!

Jazz Up Your Bathroom

For a quick bathroom makeover, simply change the shower curtain! In many bathrooms it’s the part of the room that catches your eye first. No need to purchase expensive new towels or change your color scheme, just find a fresh new shower curtain that compliments what you already have!

Treasures for Your Den or Home Office

Pick up some small colored glass jars or bottles at your local antique shop. Place them on the window sill to add a quick dose of color to your white walls. These little pieces don’t just add color but can also be a real conversation starter! You should be able to find some interesting bottles in a variety of colors for as little as $1-$2each.

Beautiful Bedroom Accents

Chair Rail- a big challenge- not true, installing chair rail can be a cinch! And can add lots of architectural drama to any room. Check out your local hardware store for some easy to work with “stick-on” chair rail molding. Some of the larger retailers also offer complimentary design services and installation classes.

Energize your Living Room

We don’t mean change the batteries in your TV remote. Don’t let those washed out white lamp shades leave your living area looking blah; dust off those lamps and give them a fresh new look! Try picking up some new lamp shades with color or fun eye catching patterns, they are inexpensive and add that flair you may be looking for. Or if you’re the crafty type, get out the hot glue gun and transform your current lamp shades by adding some sensational fabric or ribbon. This quick and easy idea can change an entire room.

Remember, decorating doesn’t have to be challenging - small accents can make big statements!

Happy Decorating!