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So what have you rented lately?

Posted: 3.30.12
Category: AFR Residential

By Ron Lanzo, Commercial Account Executive, NY Metro

For those of you who’ve read my most recent article regarding renting, you know I’m always looking for something new that can be rented. While in Italy this past Fall, I noticed you can rent motor scooters, like the really cool VESPA we came to love in the movie Roman Holiday. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest you double up on your life insurance policy before venturing out on the streets of Rome, Naples or the Amalfi Coast on these two wheeled marvels.

Did you know you can also rent a SEGWAY? Yes, even on the streets of New York, these truly unique and speedy forms of travel that requires very little energy except for maintaining balance on the two wheels while propelling forward through the crowds. If you can’t handle the two wheeled version, then rent one of the newer three wheeled models that give you tricycle security and stability.

But my favorite since I’m considering upgrading to a new digital camera and I simply cannot decide if I want another point and shoot, a mid range version or a full sized SLR (single lens reflex) I’m also considering a professional camera. Did you know that many camera stores right in Manhattan rent cameras by the day? It might cost me a bit more to try out a few cameras, but I can be certain I’ve made the right choice Calumetesp in Manhattan, a local camera outlet recently ran an ad in The New York Post that read; “Want to try it? RENT it!!!” I for one concur it’s a great way to try before you buy. When I am finally ready to purchase I will find comfort in knowing I am truly satisfied with the product before I consummate the sale.

There are many items available for rent, so many new products and services pop up on the rental market each week. I recently saw in the Wall Street Journal, you can even rent an Apple i pad.

I’m in the business of renting commercial office furniture here at AFR FURNITURE RENTAL Inc., and we specialize in a variety of rental programs from one day to more than a year. We typically customize the rental based upon the customers’ requirements. This past quarter in my market place, New York Metro, we did a wide variety of projects including the Beyonce baby suite at Lenox Hill Hospital. Suffice to say that both mother and Ivy Blue Carter were quite comfortable and so to were visitors and extended family in their spacious suite. This was an amazing effort showcasing our creativeness that spoke volumes to our new tagline: The Definition of Style.

We also did several projects at the new RESORTS WORLD CASINO at AQUEDUCT RACEWAY in Jamaica, NY. Our products were used throughout the facility including the Chinese restaurant, the oval bar, and the High Limit Lounge. Once again, the client’s furniture order was late from the manufacturer, and we helped them complete their project on time to hold their Grand Opening party by utilizing our rental specialties.

We hear a lot of mumblings within the office furniture industry about the demise or death of the cubicle. For years Scott Adams through his DILBERT cartoon series has often mocked the office cubicle, and most of the industry pundits have prematurely said panel systems are passé. Well we continue to delivery, install and rent cubicles for as little as two months to two years, and at the end of the day, the cubicle still provides more privacy than open plan desk systems. In fact we just completed another cubicle project in North Brunswick, NJ, for MERIAL Corporation and their new swing space. It was all done in record time of less than one week.

These are banner times for the rental business. Think about it. Renting might be the right answer to solving your problem - simply contact the experts now.

Ron Lanzo is the Commercial Account Executive at AFR FURNITURE RENTAL, Inc., covering the New York Metro area.