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The Power of Partnership

Posted: 12.27.12
Category: AFR Residential

As we sit back and reflect on the whirlwind of 2012, there is a word that keeps popping up over an over. The word is partnership - sometimes also referred to as collaboration or teamwork. It is a foundational pillar of AFR Event Furnishings and our efforts to create an atmosphere of mutual benefit both internally within our team and externally with our clients and industry colleagues.

Partnership to us equals contributing and sharing, building a community, and working together to create an environment where everyone thrives. Our AFR Networking Tour is one excellent example of partnership that we have enjoyed this year. Every partner-sponsor in the fold played a strategic role in the overall scope and success of each networking event. It is our partners’ willingness to support and collaborate with us that allowed us to create 10 different experiences for guests in cities across the United States. It is their success, just as much, as it is ours.

We are grateful on so many levels for the opportunity to turn to our clients and colleagues in partnership and work together to create successful ventures that provides better business opportunities for everyone.

Some of the benefits that we are noting from our partnerships this past year are:

  1. Industry connection and recognition

  2. Putting our product in our client’s hand

  3. Face-to-face relationship building

  4. Business opportunities

  5. Creative collaboration & teamwork

  6. Increased brand awareness and sales

As the old African proverb says, “It takes a village,” and that philosophy certainly applies to AFR’s definition of success. We have loved working with each and every one of our partners throughout the year in many different situations. Each was equally valuable albeit in many different ways, but without them, our success not nearly so sweet.

Partnership. It’s a strong bond, and one that we will continue to creatively find ways to work within. It’s about community, being good industry neighbors and friends so that everyone is as successful as they can be.

As we wind down and bid 2012 adieu, it is with deep appreciation for all the partners - new and familiar - that we have worked with this year. Thank you to each of you – our partners – co-conspirators – creative collaborators – and friends. We look ahead to 2013 in anticipation of working together on many more projects.