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AFR is Paired with a New Family

Posted: 4.16.13
Category: AFR Residential

As you all know, AFR Furniture Rental recently donated $20,000 to "the Felix family" in New Orleans, to help rebuild their home, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Once again, AFR and EPTA partnered with the St. Bernard Project - an innovative, award-winning nonprofit that has rebuilt nearly 500 New Orleans area homes since the storm. With around $20,000 in funding and 61 days of volunteer labor, SBP can rebuild the home of a family who has been waiting more than seven years to return home. SBP currently has over 100 clients on its waiting list - the need in New Orleans is still great.

As construction on the Felix family's home began, it became clear that the home was substantially more damaged than anyone suspected. New estimates revealed that the home will require significant more funds and time to complete. Whereas SBP is still committed to bringing the Felix family home soon, unfortunately, the total rebuild costs will be over $100,000, and SBP cannot begin construction on a home until a house is fully funded. While this situation is certainly disappointing, it is, sadly, not uncommon - when severely damaged homes sit, untouched, for this long - often homeowners find exponentially larger issues that those that may have existed earlier.

With over 100 families on its waiting list, it didn't take SBP long to help us find a new family's home to rebuild - one that we hope you'll help us celebrate in July.

Meet Carmelita W.

Carmelita wants to be able to feed all of the people that have been helping her throughout her struggles in getting back to her home -- “I know I’m going to be cooking in my little house and everyone had better come over and eat . . . keep my number in your phone . .. you’re always welcome on a Sunday. I want to thank SBP from the bottom of my heart. Y’all really trying to make it possible for me to live on my property one more time and that’s all that I ask.”

Watch video of Carmelita