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Live on Stage: CHAIRS!

Posted: 5.31.13
Category: Special Events

Have you ever been to a general session and the stage is just phenomenal? It looks lovely, the lighting is awesome, the graphics are amazing and then you see the chairs. Sigh. You know, those government issued, tinny sounding, cardboard brown folding chairs? Everything is perfect, but those. There’s nothing that screams low budget, or beginner, louder than a folding chair or a back stage stool. You’d think that a great looking (and comfortable) place to sit for onstage seating would be a no-brainer, but interestingly enough, chairs are an often-overlooked finishing detail.  Here are a few reasons to consider stage chairs for your next general session:

1. They finish the look of the stage. With all the different styles available today, you can easily make the chairs a part of the set decor.

2. They provide a comfortable place for panelists to sit and converse more naturally. When panelists aren’t worried about balancing on stools or a lightweight folding chair scooting away from them, they can engage in the conversation more effectively.

3. Chairs immediately create a conversational tone for the session. It lets your audience know that they can expect two-way communication, rather than a lecture style session.

There are many options to choose from.  AFR offers several different styles. From a sumptuous black or white leather Empire Chair, our new Jumangi Chair or perhaps our Chamois or Buckskin Stage Chair, we have a style that will enhance the look of your stage.

Don’t see what you like in our stage chairs? You should also consider chairs from any of our Special Event Collections to create that perfect look.  How about our gray leather Metro chair or a white Sophistication chair? For a more decorative styling consider a Dijon, Elan or Marteen Chair.  You could even mix in a Chateau Sofa and Harmony accent tables to create a residential feel on stage. It’s all up to you. There are no rules (except not using a cardboard brown government issue folding chair).  It’s your vision, we help you bring it to life with just the right furnishings to enhance and complete the look of your stage.

For more ideas on how to create just the right setting for your next onstage session, please visit or call your AFR representative at 888.AFR.RENT.