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Congratulations to AFR’s Martin Barletta, GM Rocky Hill, CT – Supplier of the Year

Posted: 6.21.13
Category: AFR Residential

This award is presented to a member the outstanding contributions to the chapter and the meeting industry. This individual strives for excellence, and exhibits professionalism,  and dedication to further enhance the value of MPI it members. The selection will include an evaluation of the individual’s history of accomplishments in our industry, meeting management, and to enhance the MPI and promote its vision. This individual has a history of performing as a role model for other suppliers as well as his/her colloquies in the meeting industry. This member will have committed time and energy to the MPI CRV chapter with at least five years of service to the chapter, and will have served on the board of directors for at least one year.

Supplier of the year: Martin Barletta

Company: American Furniture Rentals                                           

Martin Barletta is MPI! 

MPI’s mission is to make it’s members successful by building human connections through knowledge & ideas, relationships and marketplaces. As a member of the Connecticut River Valley Chapter for over 5 years Martin has continuously shared his knowledge of the industry with other suppliers and planners. His ideas whether about strengthen communication, driving membership or creating winning financial opportunities for the chapter, are always well thought out and presented with enthusiasm.  And his follow through is commendable. As a Board member for our chapter, he has spent countless hours building relationships with our current members (and potential new members). He extends himself to other chapters and is always looking to meet new people and create new business opportunities. Martin strives to build relationships…it is the backbone to his success.

Martin is a true asset to our chapter. As a supplier to our chapter, he is always there to help with his services whenever needed. Martin is always representing his company with pride. His product is superior and one he loves sharing with others.  He has offered his services countless times to our chapter and neighboring chapters knowing at the end of the day his product will help build relationships.

We are honored to recognize Martin Barletta for Supplier of the Year because he is MPI and MPI is so lucky to have him.

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