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Celebrity Sightings, Seating and More…

Posted: 7.19.13
Category: AFR Residential

If you’ve ever produced or dealt with headline talent at your events, attended to celebrities or dealt with high profile dignitaries, then you know that the happier they are, the better your event or performance will go. It’s just a fact of life.

We are often asked to handle requirements for A-list of entertainers, talent and high profile guests for clients in addition to providing furnishing for spectacular events with a VIP component to them.  The celebrity factor can be pretty cool, but it is also serious business, and our main focus is always on providing the right environment for the specific talent.  Settings that are comfortable and accessorized with personal touches help ease tension before the act or VIP has to turn on and perform, speak or mingle with guests.

The list of celebs and VIP’s that have parked it on our furniture is extensive. Think of your favorite and chances are they may be on the list. From back stage waiting areas and green rooms to hospitality suites and personal events, we are behind the scenes and in the know.

So what are the most popular furnishings requested for high profile entertainers and talent?

Let’s take a look at our Top 3 Sellers:

#1. Hands down, our Metro Collection is our most popular selection.  Its black leather, sumptuous comfort and clean-lined style make it our number one request.
#2. Our Crystal Collection is also a hit.  Can you guess which divas might love the sparkle and luxury of leather and crystals? This collection is elegant and rich.
#3. Our Grammercy Collection is a big seller because of its contemporary styling and comfort.  It is a versatile collection that is easily mixed and matched with other styles to create many different looks.


Finishing accents and accessories are as unique as the personality of each celebrity.  From cowhide rugs to monogrammed pillows or floral, requests run the full gamut and lean toward lifestyle preferences and individual tastes of the individual for which we are designing the space.  As important as the furnishings themselves, it is the added personal touches that create a unique and topline experience for the VIP.

On a fun note, this past week, we received this copy of musicradar featuring Chad Smith and The Avett Brothers backstage at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware.  We loved the dish out on Avett Brothers, BUT the coolest part of the article for us was what they were sitting on. Is that our Grass and Broadway Collections we see in the pics?  Why yes, yes it is.  It was great to see rock stars parked on our furnishings.

BREAKING NEWS Alert:  Look who we spotted at ComicCon.  It’s none other than our Function Collection & Quad Table both big sellers in their own right, and now famous on the set of MTV!

When you’re designing your next event and need special touches for your VIP spaces, let us help you put together settings that will leave your talent AND guests feeling like they are on top of the world.

To view all of collections or receive our full 2013 Catalogue, please visit or call your representative at 888-AFR-RENT for availability and pricing in your area.