Add Some Eye Candy To Your Next Event!

Posted: 1.12.15
Category: Special Events

Are you excited for the premiere of “Eye Candy” tonight on MTV? We are, and the show got us thinking about how we can incorporate some sweet, sexy “eye candy” into events. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of eye candy is something that is purely aesthetically pleasing that is, enjoyable to the senses. It can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.

In events, we are all about experience and teasing the senses. From the food to décor, floral and yes, even furnishings, the atmosphere of an event needs to be functional, yet also filled with visually stimulating interest.

One of the ways that you can create some eye candy is by designing luxury seating that provides visual pop and draws your eye to the sweetness of the color, texture and configuration of your furniture groupings.

Take a look at this setting created with AFR’s Crystal Chaise Lounge, Regale Sofa, Leslie Chair, Regency Fuchsia Cubed Ottoman and Blue Phoebe Table. Comprised of pieces from several collections that include vivid color, sparkle, different textures, beautiful floral and accessories - the combination provides the perfect “eye candy” for an event.



Let your design imagination go wild, and have some fun. Mix and match collections to create non-traditional combinations and paint them pretty with accessories like pillows, floral, candles and more. What you will end up with is a striking look that will grab attention and create stunning eye candy that leaves your guests raving about your event.

Need some more ideas? At AFR Event Furnishings, our team has plenty of ideas to help you create the perfect style for your next event. Call your AFR Representative at 888.AFR.RENT or visit our website at