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Tips for Energizing Your Events with Feng Shui!

Posted: 2.26.15
Category: Special Events

Feng Shui, Meng that what you are thinking? We were too, until we really took a look at how we could affect the energy of an event through the use of Feng Shui.  It is rumored that top companies like Sony® and Coca-Cola® incorporate Feng Shui. Steve Wynn built the Bellagio and The Wynn with the guidance of a Feng Shui master.  Even real estate magnate, Donald Trump said, “I don’t believe in Feng Shui, but I do it because it makes me money.”  With clients focused on ROI (return on investment) and ROE (return on experience), it couldn’t possibly hurt to give our events every bit of “oomph” and power that we can.

Rather than fully digging into the difficult and complicated art of Feng Shui, we found some simple principles that can be easily applied to bring some good Chi (the use of energy force in Chinese culture) to your events.

Dining Areas:  Feng Shui associates the dining room with wealth.  Within events there are usually many dining areas, so let’s take advantage of that.  Make sure your guests can gather around tables with plenty of time to eat, drink, and have some fun. Rushing through a dining experience is bad form; the opposite of Feng Shui.

Fancy is for more than fun.  Fancy pieces indicate a superfine quality with a nod to the whimsical; “fancy” pieces are also considered hallmarks of wealth.  Mix focal pieces of delight in with the décor for guests to discover and pleasure in.  Delight is a guaranteed mood booster.

Double-up on happy.  Hang mirrors around the space to double-up the love and happiness in the event space. It is a well-known concept that mirrors enlarge and create the distinct illusion of space; making an enclosed area feel more like an expanse.

Know your tables.  Round tables promote energetic conversation.  Square tables promote unity and bounty.  Rectangular tables signify an unlimited number of blessings, as there is ample space for guests.  Always use a tablecloth to soften edges and absorb fussy vibes that can pop up unexpectedly.

Get fresh.  Fresh floral, fruits, and veggies compose stunning visuals at any event.  Different flowers create contrasting, yet pleasant feelings and impressions.  The various colors, sizes, and textures result in a sensory cavalcade. Be inspired by your local harvest and incorporate what you love into the tabletop.  Take it a step further and bring the energy onto the table using the colors associated with Feng Shui elements.

The foundation.  What vibe do you want?  Natural colors help keep energy calm and grounded.  Red and orange encourage engaging conversation so they are best used as accent colors rather than overall foundational colors.  Dim the lights and light small votive candles and encourage the soft flow of a peaceful gathering.

Take a bit of time and find out how color affects energy and mood.  Understand which materials express certain elements of Feng Shui.  Want your guests to eat less?  Feng Shui can help you do that.  Want a better energy for fundraising or learning? Feng Shui can help you create that.  While it may seem like a lot of work in the beginning, there are tricks that you can integrate into each event design that will give your events an edge.

The biggest trick to Feng Shui is that if it feels wrong, it is wrong.  Small shifts in color, furniture placement, lighting, and other arrangements will create a big difference.  If something feels “off” in your event, start with small adjustments rather than wiping the slate clean and starting over.  By pursuing your love of color, arrangement, textures, and materials, and integrating them with the Chi desired for an event, you can create an exceptional Feng Shui event experience.