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AFR® Furniture Rental Promotes Tricia Schmitt To Chief Branding Officer

Posted: 7.22.15
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Reinforcing Our Commitment To You

First, you might be asking, what is a Chief Branding Officer, or as it’s commonly known around the water cooler, CBO? This relatively new executive level position was created by how we do business in today’s age of online content, social media and understanding the impact a company brand can have. CBO’s are responsible for a brand’s image and as such are the very important link between you, the client, and our executive management team.

Yes, you ask, but what does that mean to me? “AFR has always been driven by our customers,” Schmitt says. “That’s a huge part of what has made us stand out, and of our success. In my former position as VP of Brand Management, I drove the brand from the customer’s needs. As CBO, I will be doing even more of that; being in touch with all our markets and our clients in them – from residential, events and tradeshow to commercial. I will be on the ground, listening to feedback, designing creative solutions, and putting them in motion.”

Notice that Schmitt says “on the ground,” but in her new position, she will be racking up frequent flyer miles to come to you to discuss and see first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

Just this past month she has been in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago conducting market research, meeting with AFR team members and working with vendors to develop new exciting furniture and accessories for you!

We know. You are still asking what all this mean to me. And to be honest, maybe it doesn’t mean all that much … until you sit in our new line of designer chairs fashioned with chargers for your mobile devices! Or as you sit down to dinner at one of our new communal tables. Or when you relax in a lounge area filled with plush leather sofas.

No matter what the titles say, and what the letters might mean, they will always spell excellence for your apartment community, events and tradeshow booths.


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Tricia Schmitt
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