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The Importance of Meetings is Underlined at MPI Event

Posted: 8.11.15
Category: Special Events



At this year’s MPI Conference, which was declared a huge success by all, AFR was thrilled to support the vision of three powerhouse entities in the meeting industry – Meetings Mean Business, the Convention Industry Council, and Social Tables.

The event was the premiere reception preceding the MPI Foundation's Big Deal Player event at MPI WEC 2015 in San Francisco and began with a CMP-only reception. The intimate gathering was designed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation, with a special message from the Convention Industry Council's CEO, Karen Kotowski, CMP, CAE.




This was followed by an evening of networking accompanied by a stunning view of San Francisco from the Pacific Terrace at the InterContinental San Francisco. Guests heard from Nan Marchand Beauvois, senior director of national travels at the U.S. Travel Association, and a representative of Meetings Mean Business. She talked about the work of MMB, a coalition of meeting industry leaders who have come together to communicate the value of meetings to policymakers, corporate America, and the general public.

Her remarks were followed by an eloquent statement by Dan Berger, CEO of Social Tables, about the state of the meeting industry. “We are proud to align ourselves with the CIC and MMB,” he said, “Two organizations that focus on pushing our industry forward through education and action.”

“I had a revelation earlier today that we are all meeting planners,” Berger continued. “Whether you’re planning a date, a dinner for a group of friends, a trip abroad, or a team meeting at work, you are a meeting planner. Everyone in the world is a meeting planner. We’re just privileged enough to have this job full-time. We set the example for the rest of the world.”

Berger ended with this insight, “At Social Tables we envision a world where whenever people get together, they achieve great things. We believe in the power of community and that's why we like to host events like this. My one request of you today is to be selfless. Introduce yourself to someone you don't know. Step out of your comfort zone to make a new connection. Give before you take.”




Words to live by! AFR is proud to support Social Tables, the Convention Industry Council and Meetings Mean Business.

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