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Ways to Follow Your Bliss: From Sitting Still to Sitting Pretty

Posted: 11.06.15
Category: Special Events

The AFR sales team meditating before the next big sales call


Yoga is the spiritual and physical practice of aligning the mind and body. Practicing yoga each day is a phenomenal way to decrease stress and make your day flow better. At AFR, we’re all for finding ways that make our day-to-day duties more manageable for our team and for our clients. These four takeaways from our latest group yoga session at our annual sales training meeting will help you face anything, even before your first cup of coffee!



Intend to be happy and grateful at the beginning of the day, knowing that you will enjoy dinner with friends and family at the end of the day. Table: Vermont table, ghost chairs.


1. Set an Intention for the Day

Setting an intention each day can help to guide your mind to positive outcomes. Rather than focus on what you need to do, shift the focus to being grateful for what you have already accomplished. Then set an intention for something you would like to see happen. It can be as simple as saying “I intend to be happy and grateful today.”



A clear mind begins with eliminating clutter. Celebrating the simple lines of the Vermont table set with ghost chairs is one way. Focusing on the horizon and always finding one beautiful things to look at, like the sun setting over the ocean, every day is another.


2. Salute the Sun

Before you get into work, salute the day with a sun salutation. A sun salutation is one of the most traditional sessions in yoga practice and is promotes healthy breathing and blood circulation. Five-minute sun salutation routines are easy to learn and widely available to follow along online.



Greenery helps us breathe easier. And this collection of grass loveseats has also been known to bring a smile to the faces of guests who might not have expected to sit on something so whimsical!


3. Don’t forget to breathe

Ever notice how we take deep breaths and sigh when we are stressed? That’s not a coincidence. The breath provides the ultimate guidance through life’s constant ups and downs. Deep breathing allows us to open up the lungs and ease tension in the body. In the mornings try taking a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils. There are variations on breathing such as Breath of Fire, which can literally make your day more relaxed.



In order to visualize dreams, find a way to get clear. Seek simplicity in design and in life. Vermont tables, ghost chairs.


4. Visualize Your Dreams

Gone are the days when daydreaming at work inhibited productivity. Visualizing is a modern way of bringing life’s simple pleasures your way. While at work, take a few moments to close your eyes and envision the results you would like to see manifest. Whether it’s reaching a sales goal or rewarding yourself with a dream vacation, a few moments of visualizing can be huge help in moving the process along. Dream big!