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Trending: Spring Refresh

Posted: 4.06.16
Category: AFR Residential

As spring begins to peek its head around the corner, it’s time for a refresh. It’s time to shed those wintery whites and step into the bright, cheerful colors of spring! Just one little piece of advice this year. Make your refresh bold. From clothes to makeup, floral to art and interior design to exterior gardens – bold is the new beautiful.

Here are five simple ideas that will help you make choices that will lighten your mood and get you ready to step into spring.

1. Stripe it.

Love them or hate them, stripes are everywhere. Technicolor or monochromatic, horizontal, vertical, angled, broad, thin, and mixed lines. Pick your style– no matter your choice, they add energy. Not sure if you’re up for the bold move of stripes on your walls? Then add them in small accents and accessories. Think shower curtains, towels, sofa pillows, throws, statement pieces or tabletops. Need some ideas. We found tons on Pinterest.


2. Statement Mirrors

We simply love this trend! Oh so cool and while specifically targeted to the bathroom, a unique mirror adds to any space and gives it zing.


3. Graphic Pillows

Pick your color, theme, motif or pattern. This spring anything goes when it comes to your accent pillows. Make your choice, and then pile them on.


4. Layers in Décor

A room will never look dull if you use layers when you decorate. Solid wall colors in light tones with bright furnishings, mirrors and artwork add energy to a space. Bright colored floral accents also add a splash of pop.


5. Mixed Metals

They aren’t just for the holidays anymore. They’ve been around for a while, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. You can embrace this trend without going on sparkle overload. Simple lighting elements or décor accents bring this trend to life and add visual interest and depth. Following these simple rules will help you strike the right balance and heighten the allure factor in any space.


Simple changes to a space that reflect your personality and style go a long way to getting you in the mood for the spring thaw and the warm summer days ahead.

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