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Color Your World

Posted: 6.17.16
Category: Special Events


Our latest hashtag speaks for itself. As we #coloryourevents with hues from canary yellow to tangerine orange in our new furniture lines, you will find saturated textiles that are both function, and form, meant to drive the look of a space or event. From artful color use at the Perez Art Museum in Miami (below) to an actual coloring experience on our Aspen tables at the Experiential Marketing Summit this year, AFR wants to inspire others to use color as a way to set the tone for a space, reinforce a message or simply bring a smile!




The use of color by designers and architects is a business in itself. Here are some incredible designs that add color to our world and inspiration to our own work.




Artist, Okuda San Miguel’s creation entitled Rainbow Thief brings a massive burst of color to the streets of Hong Kong. As part of an annual street art festival, this splash of technicolor spans the entire apartment building. With the friendly face of a bear and the appearance of depth through the design of interlocking shapes, the whole piece gives residents and passers-by a breath of life and energy in an older neighborhood.




This apartment building in Box Hill, Australia features seven different colors inset on each unit’s balcony walls. Designed by KUD, the paint contrasts the gray framework and warm wood on the ground floor to enhance the geometric design.




Even a simple honeycomb outline can define the texture of a wall. We love this lime green trim!




In the two images above, the creative use of paint or colored stone dramatically alters the look of a building’s façade or floor dramatically. The designs are so simple, yet so effective.




Many interior designers look to color to add personality to a room. Whether the colors are subtle or shout out loud, adding a pink chair or rug can alter the look of a normally neutral space. These bright pink chairs resemble flowers standing up on their silver stems. A green rug under the table finishes off the playful garden parody for this dining area.




This space designed by Anthony Baratta takes color to a larger scale indoors. With one wall saturated in deep red, bold orange and mustard yellow furnishings are accented with white to draw the eye in and the good vibrations out. Be honest … doesn’t this chaise lounge look like it will inspire big thoughts from anyone relaxing in it?

We invite you to do just that -- put your feet up and let us know how you #coloryourevents. We’re always looking for inspiration, and while we may get a lot from art and architecture as you read in this blog, our customers will always be the first to choose what crayon we begin to draw our next line with!

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