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Trend Watch 2014 



AFR Elements 

Quick Tip...

Patterned accents create interest 

and allow for personal touches 
within in any space. Think 

pillows, throws, wall art, and 

rugs. Be creative, try painting an 
accent wall that brings out the 

colors within your pattern pop!



A. Abby Accent Chest 
B. Dunes Accent Chair 
C. Zebra Safari Rug

Bold patterns are BIG for 2014.

Integrated into fabrics and textiles for furnishings 
and wall coverings, the options for pattern 

use are many. Use loral, traditional cultural 

patterns, animal prints and more.

Lose uniformity and choose more than one pattern 

to stimulate the senses. Mix and match stripes, 

loral, and geometrics to create a look that suits 

your style perfectly. To pull prints and patterns 
into a design, consider feature pieces, pillows, 

wall art, accessories and rugs as tools.

With a no-rules approach, in the end, it’s about 

creating interest. Be bold and have some fun!

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