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It is important to do a cross-pollination of your 

If your brand is not on Pinterest, you are content across all social media platforms to provide 
your existing community and new audiences a 
missing out on some major opportunities!
seamless experience. Pinterest should be an extension 
of all your marketing eforts, if not one of your top 

Inluencers play a key role on Pinterest and three, since it is one of the highest social media 

help spearhead new products and trends. platforms to drive traic. Keep in mind that pins have 
diferent traic patterns as some pins are clicked 
Here are some stats to get your creative brain 
through immediately while others get repined prior to 

juices izzling:
being clicked.

Once you’ve created an account, you will want to 

inform everyone to create engagement. You can
do this by sending a dedicated Pinterest email to 

showcase your boards and encourage following as 
well as integrate some Pinterest tools. You can add 

the “Pin It” button to your website to grow Pins and 

referral traic. You can also add hovering “Pin It” 
buttons over your product line. This is one tactic that

I recommend as it provides yet another opportunity,

in a subtle way, for your clients to pin their favorites. 
Here is an example of this option on AFR’s Furnishings:

You might be wondering how you can measure your 

ROI. There are tools you can use to measure your 
Pinterest account, such as Pinterest’s own analytics, 

only available once you verify your website and 
tailwind. These tools, although not completely free 

for tailwind, are of beneit if you want full access to 

their management tool. Understanding your followers 
behavior will point you in the right direction on what 

type of Pins you need to share and how to better 

create your content.

No matter your story, it is imperative to orchestrate a 

distribution strategy to maximize your reach with your 
audience. Remember to mix things up a bit. It’s okay 

to share other interests, just as long as your brand 
story message doesn’t get lost.

Happy Pinning!

Infographic credit: hello society (links to: Written by Guest Blogger Jose Ramirez, 
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