Our Quality Guarantee

  1. All Furniture delivered is guaranteed to be in showroom condition.
  2. All Electronics are tested for maximum quality before being sent out on delivery and will be connected and re-tested on-site. (if applicable)
  3. All of our furniture goes through a 4-step inspection process before being loaded onto our company trucks by our company associates for delivery to your home.
  4. All housewares are selected and packaged on-site by our professional amenities team under the direct supervision of our quality control manager.
  5. All furniture upon return to our distribution center is thoroughly processed through the most detailed and effective on-site sterilization program in the industry.
  6. Any item or items delivered that do not meet our quality standards listed above will be exchanged free of charge when you contact AFR within 7-days of your initial delivery. If an issue cannot be mutually resolved during that time period, AFR will pick up the furniture and refund your initial payment.