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Accessorizing With Metallics 


Is it the shine or perhaps an undeniable compete. Adding metallic accents to any 

feeling of glamour that attracts us to décor can dramatically change the look and 

metallics. Soft gold, oil rubbed bronze, feel of a space with just a few touches here 

extravagant silver and brushed nickel add and there. There are some do’s and don’ts to 

elegance and make a luxurious statement, observe when adding this trend to your style.

which their matte counterparts can’t

Here are some guidelines to adding 

metallics into your décor scheme:

DO work in metallics in subtle ways.

DO use them for a solitary statement piece to
create a focal point in a room.

DON’T go overboard. Less is more when it 
comes to using metallics.

DO pair metallics with natural ibers (ie. a rug) 

to add a subtle touch without overdoing it.
Remember to have fun with this trend. 

Metallics are the perfect tool to create DO add small items into table settings 
a layered look that feels like each piece and bookshelves.

has been collected over time.
DON’T be afraid to mix cool and warm metals. 
Gold and brass will pop when placed in the 

same space as cool metals, such as silver
and chrome.

DO consider existing colors in your space. 

Warm hued metals look great with warm 
colors while cool metals look really sparkle 

with colors like blue and green.

DON’T be shy in using a warm metallic 

statement piece to warm up a cooler toned 

room or vice versa. Just remember to use 
sparingly for a dramatic statement.

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