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10 Ways To Lose Your 

Clients’ Interest.


Speak without listening. 

It’s about the client and their needs, not you. Let 

your clients do the talking. Building relationships is
on’t ask for feedback.
so much easier that way. If you listen, they will tell 
Assuming that everything is hunky dory is 
you exactly what they need and want to buy.
risky business. Engage your client and ask 

what they like or if they have any concerns 
or needs you are not meeting. A concerned 

supplier is one that cares about doing Use a lot of acronyms.
business. Ask the question and be ready to 
A client won’t buy what they don’t understand. 
accept constructive criticism, praise and Save the jargon for the internal boardroom. Speak 
new needs that the client is willing to share 
clearly about your products and use full words 
7with you.
when communicating (in sales). Not everyone is 

going to know what an RPU means or what an
API is. Keep it clear and concise.
Rely on a national account to

build local business.

Even if your company holds a national Make it all about
account, you still need to go out and build a 
Don’t make it about you - make it about them. 
relationship with the local contact. Don’t just You are asking for their trust and business. 
assume that the business will automatically 
Don’t make the discussion all about you or what 
come your way. Go out and earn it.
you’ve done for another client. Ask open-ended 
questions about their needs and discuss ways 
that you can help them solve their

problem or provide a solu4
Be inlexible and say no all the time.

Be creative and ind ways to work together. 

Going above and beyond will build trust 
Over promise and under deliver.
and lead to bigger business down the line. 

Promising the world will get you in trouble, every People remember when there is extra efort
n their behalf. Don’t create a roadblock o
single time you do it. Only promise what you can 9
deliver. It is better to be able to over deliver and create a work around.

surprise and delight your client. Under promising 
and over delivering is always a better approach.

Communicate only via email.

Society has become so reliant on non-verbal 

Don’t say thank you.
communication. While it may be easier, it also 
leaves room for misunderstandings. Pick up the 
Good manners go a long way and people love 
doing business with those that appreciate their phone and talk about it. Neither the phone nor the 
client will bite.
business. Take it a step further and jot a quick hand 
written thank you note when an especially big 

order comes in or after meeting someone new. 
This simple gesture can take you miles down the 
Blend in with the crowd.
road and leave a great impression.
There’s always someone that provides the same 
product or service you do. Find ways to make your 

business, or the way you do business diferent. 
Understand features and beneits and tailor them 

for the client. Dare to stand out from the crowd, 
your pocket book will thank you.

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