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MPI Rocks!!

Posted: 3.04.11
Category: Special Events

As a member of MPI since 2000, I have had the experience of being a part of the Dallas Chapter when I lived in Texas, and when I relocated, I joined the Southern California Chapter in 2003.

I have learned so much from the programs MPI offers, and have made friendships throughout the years that will last a lifetime. I believe it is an organization that is truly beneficial to get involved with, and always recommend joining to my colleagues, clients, and peers. I love sharing my experiences with MPI to clients and coworkers; I know that there is value in being a member. If you get involved, it pays off, after all, you definitely get what you put into it.

Being on a committee is the first step in the right direction. You will meet many industry professionals who are willing and able to share their knowledge. Participation is what makes your chapter succeed! From sharing creative ideas and tales of what not to do, to actually stepping up and lending a helping hand, the network of friends that can refer their services to other clients, or those who can join forces for events that require elements that are not your area of expertise are amazing. Additionally, having people to talk to that “get it” – those who can offer sound advice and solutions based on industry experience are invaluable.

If a community is important to you, MPI can make the difference.

Susan Medica
National Sales Manager, AFR Event Furnishings