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Partnerships are the Perfect Backdrop for Creating Success

Posted: 8.16.13
Category: AFR Residential

Do you know the difference between relationships and partnerships? A relationship is the quality or state of being related. This can be a continuing attachment or association between people or firms. A partnership refers to the relationship of partners that have a joint interest in accomplishing a goal.  A relationship is passive, and a partnership is active and the desired result is a benefit for both parties involved.

To be clear, most partnerships come from great relationships that have developed over a period of time. At AFR, we are constantly pushing toward the state of partnership. This core pillar of our business culture means that it includes partnerships with our employees, our clients as well as strategic alliances with suppliers and colleagues in the industry.

Strategic partnerships can be beneficial to your business in more ways than one.

We’ve worked together with Backdrops Beautiful for several years now and the partnership is one that creates a two way street of benefits for both of us.

  1. Working together brings both of our products to life. For us, BB provides different themes and settings in which we can showcase our furnishings. For BB, working with us allows them to show their product in a setting that really brings their backdrops to life and helps educate their clients about different ways their product can be used. For both of us together, we are able to create a welcoming space for our clients to come into our booths, relax and learn about our companies and the products and services we offer.
  2. Visibility and presence. If there is one thing that can be a challenge on the trade show floor is catching the attention of customers. Working together we double the opportunity for our customers to notice us. BB’s products are in our booth; our products are in their booth. We both just increased the visibility and presence at a show for no extra money. What a great way to double down on show investments.
  3. Referrals and Sales. When a potential customer is in either of our booths and likes the furnishings or the backdrops, we can easily point the customer directly to someone that they can talk to. When a customer can go directly to a company and ask to speak with someone specific, the results are higher conversions for sales.  When both of us are making money by partnering with one another, that is the ultimate benefit.
  4. Added benefits. Both of our companies get to feature benefits that our clients appreciate. Whether it is a one of a kind custom backdrop rental (and BB is the only company that will create custom backdrops for rent), or showcasing new collections in an extraordinary way, putting your product in your client’s hands and letting them experience it is one of the most successful ways to close the deal. Our products are presented in ways that together expand opportunity for both of us.  Working as partners allows us to have greater presence and potential individually.

The best part of the relationship is a synergy between our two companies (not to mention that we really like each other). We are both team players in the industry.  Both of our products are used to create welcoming spaces for clients and guests to experience.  Working together we create a cohesive and consistent experience of our brands for clients and customers.

Take a look at a recent show in Chicago where we’ve worked together to create two great spaces that really worked to promote both of our companies.


AFR Booth with Backdrop by Backdrops Beautiful.


Backdrops Beautiful Booth with AFR Event Furnishings

It truly is a win-win situation and allows both our companies to stand out from our competition in an engaging way. We are two very different businesses working together to create a successful collaboration that shows both of our products in their best light. AFR Event Furnishings and Backdrops Beautiful - we believe we are the true definition of a successful partnership!

To view our full catalogue of furnishings, please visit To see the full selection of backdrops available for your next event, please visit or find us partnering together on the trade show floor at your next favorite conference.