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What Brides Really Want in 2015…

Posted: 4.20.15
Category: Special Events



Wedding season is almost here. May and June hover just around the corner and this year’s blushing brides are madly planning their big day; which has us asking, “What are the hottest themes, colors, and venue choices that will be the most popular this year?”

We’ve studied the trends inside and out, but what we really want to know is what brides are thinking, so we did a little market research of our own and asked some brides-to-be a few telling questions. Our discovery? Not every bride is gung-ho about what the experts say are the hottest trends. In fact, out of ten brides that we talked to, there was only one trend they followed with a passion.

We will tell you what that trend is later if you haven’t already figured it out for yourself.

Our first question: What are your favorite three trends for weddings this spring?

“Book themes, destinations, and small, intimate gatherings.” – Arria

Weddings where everyone pitches in, so it has an intentional DIY feel. I also like themed weddings that are based on literary works or genres. My wedding is going to be a Woodland Fairy theme this September. I also dig anything nontraditional, such as wearing non-white gowns – my gown is eggplant. The biggest trend is that your wedding reflects your wishes and dreams. I’m not one to follow with the “say-so” trends.” - Rachael

“I love the more unique guest sign-in (like thumbprint trees or heart framed registers, etc.), great food, and storytelling instead of a wedding having to be “something new, something blue” traditional. Couples are opting for more personalized occasions that hold special meaning for them.” - Andrea

One thing is for certain, these brides are not thinking about what is happening in mainstream weddings. They are on a mission to make their weddings uniquely their own.

Next to theme, the color palette is high on the wedding priority list. With trend experts hyping everything from rose-gold, beige, berry, and toasted chocolate, to robin’s egg blue, the majority of brides that we queried, are certainly not following Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala.

It came as no surprise that our brides had some definite ideas of their own. When asked what their favorite colors for weddings were this year, their answers ran the color spectrum.

“Canary yellow with dark purple and white or gray!”Andrea

“Deep purple, coral, some kind of sea foam/turquoise shade.” - Jazmine

”Gold, sky blue, and earth tones.”Arria

“I will always love purple. Mix it with silver and blue.”Rachael

Again, it is clear that personal preference plays a strong role when deciding on the perfect wedding experience.

The last question that we asked our brides: Which would you rather have: An indoor or outdoor wedding? Why?

The responses were decisive. Shocker! We had some very opinionated brides with strong ideas.

“Outside all the way. Why? Because you're in the presence of nature. You aren't stuck between four walls. For me, being in nature is important for such a special day. The smell of grass or flowers or just nature in general adds to the specialness of the day. Seeing the sunshine above you. If it rains, you have freshwater cleansing you for a new journey through life with your spouse. I think involving nature in your wedding is incredibly important” – Rachael

“Outdoors: with lots of twinkly lights at nighttime (shoes optional)” – Stephanie

“Outdoors, because it's more natural feeling and not as stuffy. It's more romantic to connect with nature.” – Arria

“Outdoors all the way.” – Erika

“Depending on the season of the wedding date, I think an outdoor wedding should take place in the spring or summer and an indoor wedding should take place in the autumn and winter. I’m more traditional when it comes to that aspect of my wedding.” – Jazmine

It seems like everyone is eager to get out into the romance of nature and embrace the freshness of the great outdoors. Perhaps the long and extra snowy winter has something to do with that?

So have you figured out what the biggest trend is for weddings this year?

Personalization. It is that simple and timeless. It is the “trend” that everyone is going crazy over this year no matter the theme choice, color palette, or location. It is all about perfectly reflecting the personality and preferences of the couple.

Some things just never change. We predict that “personalization” is going to be the trend for many, many years to come.

The integration, or fusion, of styles and décor or integrating traditional with new and funky, is what will reenergize and refresh the standards of “wedding themes.” Whether your perfect look is softly curved modern lines, organic woods or bright color schemes with stunning accents, AFR® Event Furnishings has the right collections to help create the perfect ambiance for any wedding experience. Please call 888.AFR.RENT or visit to view our complete catalog.