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Keep Up with Current Trends from TV Home Design Shows

Posted: 6.26.15
Category: AFR Residential

Tiny is the new big. Color is the new neutral. Antique is the new, well, new. If you've been tuning in to HGTV or The DIY Network recently, you'll know that the home decorating game is changing—and these trends are just the tip of the iceberg. If you're still looking at books for design inspiration, then you've already fallen behind. Check out these popular home design shows instead to stay on top of what's trending:




"Tiny House Nation" makes downsizing look sexy. Along with other documentaries and TV shows, "Tiny House Nation" has inspired a push toward living more simply (and smaller) that's sweeping across the U.S. "Tiny House Nation" follows folks living in "tiny" homes—and they are truly tiny; no house exceeds 500 square feet. Its hosts find the coolest small homes in the country and chats with the owners about their approach to living and design, then they use what they've learned to build tiny homes for new families. You might just consider streamlining your entire lifestyle after an episode of "Tiny House Nation."

If you have no interest in downsizing, but are considering revamping your older place, collect tips from "Rehab Addict" instead. The show's host and DIY construction expert, Nicole, can take any dilapidated home and completely reinvent it. She's notorious for transforming crumbling houses in her native Detroit into homes worthy of a white picket fence. Pay close attention to pick up tips for your own space while she works. Nicole is known to use subway tiles, vintage glass, and other unusual elements to enhance the character of older homes, not erase it.




Maybe your home just needs a fresh coat of paint to breathe some life into it. If that's the case, tune in to "Color Splash" on HGTV. Host David is inspired by vibrant hues, and all he needs to completely transform a room is a new color palette to work with. Watch while he takes homes from lackluster to lively with nothing more than a coat of paint, a few new pieces of furniture, and a handful of splashy throw pillows. If "bold" describes your style, you'll probably want to jot down some notes along the way.

All of these shows rely at least marginally on your ability to DIY, but there's an entire network devoted to do-it-yourselfers: the aptly named DIY Network. Virtually any show on this network will inform you on trending topics in DIY home decor, so switch it on any time for some inspiration.

You might catch an episode of "Kitchen Crashers," in which designer Alison basically ambushes folks at home improvement stores and invites herself to their abode. They're free to turn her down, of course, but then they won't receive the benefit of her artistic eye (and the funds of the DIY Network) during their kitchen makeover. Alison creates sleek, modern kitchens using elements of her targets' personal style—expect poured concrete countertops and customized cabinets.

Although these shows are helpful for getting started, you can really turn on HGTV or the DIY Network whenever you have free time to catch up on current home design trends, courtesy of their resident experts.