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3 Things Tiny Houses Taught Us about Booth Space

Posted: 9.16.16
Category: Special Events

Trade shows require companies to pack a lot of punch into a little space. When it comes to brainstorming the layout, choosing the right furniture pieces, and creating a practical space that potential clients will feel comfortable in, we decided to find our inspiration in the tiny house movement. Because, well, those folks are the masters of space utilization.

Find your why.

What makes someone decide to live a tiny house lifestyle?  For some it’s a yearning to be closer to nature or to leave a smaller carbon footprint. For others, it’s the allure of more financial independence.




Before you set up your booth space, you have to decide what the main focus is for being there. Is it to show off the new line of leather office furniture? Is it to create relationships with other industry leaders? Is it to peak the curiosity of new clients? Before you lift a finger on designing the space, you have to know whom you’re designing for.

Think about what really matters to the space.

In a tiny house, a person has to think about what is worth keeping and what isn’t. It can be a process in the beginning because everything seems important – everything is sentimental. The reality, however, is that if everything is special, then nothing is.




It’s the same in a booth space. Here, it’s important to think about the items that will make the biggest impression. Are those throw pillows really necessary or are they simply a distraction? If they’re a distraction from the main focal point, leave ‘em behind. Go through everything you want in the booth.  Do you need it or just want it?

Sync with your surroundings.

Many tiny house owners want to be close to nature and design their houses organically, so that they don’t clash too much with the surrounding landscape. Some owners even build their homes with up-cycled materials or create sustainable plumbing systems that flush dirty water and create compost for their gardens at the same time.

A tradeshow venue offers a lot of freedom when it comes to designing a booth space. However, keep the location of the venue in mind. Is it a hotel ballroom in sunny southern California? A convention center in Boston in late fall? Wherever the locale, it’s best to maintain some synchronicity between it and your booth space.




Tiny lessons with a big impact.

The tiny house movement has gotten many people thinking about how they’d like to live their lives, their impact on the environment, and how they’d like to spend (or save) their money. We’re thinking about all of that too. While AFR isn’t in the tiny house business, we are in the business of making the best use of the space we have for every one of our clients. And this time around, we let some teeny tiny houses inspire us.

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