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AFR Event Furnishings Launches Partnership with AllSeated®

Posted: 1.25.17
Category: Special Events

AFR® Event Furnishings is proud to announce their alliance with AllSeated®, a company that is revolutionizing the event industry with state-of-the-art event planning tools! AFR® Event Furnishings has provided 3D models for 250+ pieces of their furnishings to create a library hosted right on the AllSeated® site. By integrating AFR’s expansive inventory with the planning and design capability of AllSeated® technology, the event planning process become more efficient than ever before!

The FREE collaboration network allows event professionals to quickly design ON SCALE floorplans and preview layouts in stunning 3D. Working in real time allows the planner to get more done in less time. Event professionals can work simultaneously with vendors and clients, delegate tasks, update layouts, guest lists, seating arrangements, and timelines saving countless hours of planning time.


In addition to the access of AFR’s library, there are many benefits for event professionals using AllSeated®, including:

  • High-resolution pictures that allow the user to see scale in a 2D environment.
  • Transform 2D design into 3D viewing, which allows the user to “walk through” a space like never before.
  • Access to thousands of scaled floorplans already in the AllSeated library
  • Everything all in one place at one time allows clients to work faster and easier while saving time and costly mistakes.

“The buzz from customers who are using AllSeated® in conjunction with the AFR® 3-D Furniture Library are more than enthusiastic. I’m excited about AFR’s partnership with AllSeated® because it allows us to offer our clients the ability to play with different styles of furniture in their designs. Collaboration is always a good thing in our book, and this partnership with AllSeated® will save our clients time and money”, explains Jose Ramirez, Marketing Manager for AFR® Event Furnishings.

By staying aligned with the AFR® core values of creativity, style, quality, service, community, planning and partnership, AFR® has provided clients with another useful tool that delivers a beneficial advantage for their organizations and sets a new creative standard.

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