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Spruce Up Your Space with the Latest Floral Trend

Posted: 4.14.17
Category: Special Events

Most of us spend the majority of our time in two places – at home and the office. Sometimes those two places are one in the same, so it’s important to create a fun, creative, and energizing space where you can do your best work. This year’s trend is floral, and we have several ideas that will not only create a space you love, but one that keeps those creative juices flowing.


Floral as a Trend

Floral patterns and design elements span across industries. In January, the fashion industry saw a large increase in sales of floral embroidered and patterned dresses, jackets, skirts, and blouses, according to Yahoo! Style.


In the events industry, floral is used in a variety of ways from the table top to step and repeats and ceiling treatments – all of these can also be used in redefining the residential or office space in smaller scale.

In the office space (whether at home or at the office), floral prints can breathe in new energy during the last of the cold winter months before spring appears.


Floral Throw Pillows + Contrasting Colors

Color contrast is one of the simplest ways to spruce up a room. For instance, adding floral patterned throw pillows to a solid-colored couch, loveseat, or chaise lounge, immediately adds dynamic flair to the room. Floral pillows come in an array of patterns that fit any style (from brush stroke to felt tip outlines or embroidered) , so whether you love class and sophistication or chic modernity, you can design your space the way that suits you best. Choose your favorite color palette and floral type and go crazy.



It’s All in the Details

Another way to add springtime flare to your space is by contrasting a variety of items with your solid décor. For example, floral wall art, tapestries, floral accessories and supplies such as notebooks and pencil holders, and drink coasters add small pops of color that make a big impact on any space. These little details won’t overpower the current décor, and you can enjoy a beautiful work area that keeps your mind inspired.



Real Flowers

In addition to floral patterns in your everyday décor, another way to infuse your entire space is with real flowers. There’s something to be said for fresh cut flowers and adding a bouquet or two to your office or home that infuses the space not only with color, but also with scent.



Whether we realize it or not, scent and visual stimulation can affect mood and concentration – and during the dreary winter months, who doesn’t need a little pick me up? A fresh scent and bright pop of color can uplift and rejuvenate, especially while working on a large project and people dragging.

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