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AFR Furniture Rental Develops Key Event Planning Tool by Joining with AllSeated

Posted: 8.28.18
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AFR is very proud to introduce the next step in 3D space planning technology for event professionals.

Pennsauken, NJ – August 28, 2018 – AFR® Furniture Rental has announced the release of their advanced online space planning platform via an alliance with renowned event tech company AllSeated®. Committed to streamlining the event planning process, AFR now offers a powerful and free cloud-based interface integrated directly into their website for a seamless planning process that is user-friendly, collaborative, and highly effective.

Within this well-rounded virtual environment, event professionals now have the opportunity to save countless hours of planning time with a one-stop-shop collection of essential space planning tools – all without ever leaving AFR’s existing digital ecosystem. In one convenient suite, clients can create precise designs at lightning-fast speed, present ideas in 3D, and adjust plans on the fly while simultaneously avoiding headaches and costly errors associated with traditional planning.

“Clients using AllSeated in conjunction with AFR’s 3D Furniture Library have been buzzing with enthusiasm,” explains Jose Ramirez, Director of Marketing at AFR. “Our recent partnership with AllSeated is incredibly exciting. We can now offer our clients the means to not only collaborate with vendors and other event professionals, but also visualize and experiment with different pieces and styles while planning and designing. AFR is committed to providing an awesome and fun customer experience, and our partnership with AllSeated does just that – all while saving clients tons of extra time and money.”

A rich library of resources has been loaded into the AllSeated platform, including 250+ 3D representations from AFR’s expansive furniture inventory. High-resolution photos allow clients to visualize scale in a 2D environment, so they can design accurate diagrams in 2D, then view, share, or present in 3D.

AllSeated also pairs with Oculus Go virtual reality headsets to generate the first realistic virtual AFR showroom, launching soon in stunning 3D. Clients can “walk-through” their designs and make adjustments in real time without the need for costly and time-consuming on-site visits.

“The events industry is in the business of creating experiences. The use of virtual reality technology offers a vivid 3D visualization which pre-delivers the experiences to venues and vendors’ clients in a way that has never previously been possible,” says Sandy Hammer, co-founder & CMO of AllSeated. “VR is revolutionizing our industry and AFR is taking the lead as the first to offer their clients with 3D space planning in a virtual environment, streamlining processes while increasing accuracy and accountability like never before.”

Access revolutionary 3D event planning tools. Visit to get started now.

About AFR Furniture Rental:
From modest beginnings in 1974 as a local residential furniture company in Philadelphia, AFR Furniture Rental is now the second largest furniture rental company in the U.S. with 26 warehouses in 22 cities. Diverse and constantly expanding, AFR services clients with Residential, Commercial, Special Event, Trade Show, and Clearance Center divisions.

About AllSeated:
AllSeated is a team of entrepreneurs fusing technology, strategy, domain expertise, and passion to disrupt the events industry by creating the world’s most innovative event planning platform. AllSeated® is committed to delivering rapid product innovation, superior customer support, and radical simplification, offering the opportunity to drive more business with game-changing Virtual Reality and 360 Realplans-3D diagramming. Along with simplicity, speed, and elegance - AllSeated brings your experience to new levels.

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