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Resi-WHAT!? Furnishing the Modern Workplace

Posted: 5.09.19
Category: AFR Commercial

Over the last year or so, the term "resimercial" has been coined and added to the lexicon of many progressive companies and start-ups. This brand new word is now used to address a balancing act that is taking place within most contemporary workplaces, where standard 9-5 positions are rapidly being reexamined and restructured; state-of-the-art workplaces where more employees are expected to have an "always-on" mentality.

Resimercial refers to the artful mingling of residential design elements within commercial or office settings, bringing together what was once considered two very different worlds. While the word itself doesn’t really roll off the tongue (a sort of clumsy and probably way-too-obvious mash-up of the words residential and commercial) it gets the point across well enough.



Though the norm of adding residential aesthetics such as increased common areas and open spaces to offices isn’t necessarily unfamiliar or groundbreaking, the resimercial way of thinking has continued to pick up increased momentum recently with little sign of decelerating or ceasing. Resimercial has gained so much traction, in fact, that it’s fairly common to find examples of the movement being referred to as a "rise" or "takeover", making the bold and cutting-edge appeal of resimercial design sound a bit raucous for our taste, but alas, to each their own. Resimercial design does thumb its nose at what is thought of as the traditional corporate environment, so maybe it’s a bit more punk rock than we give it credit for in that sense.

Simply put, modern companies have changed, calling for offices that support increased collaboration and daily hours spent in the office by employees. For these reasons, designing relaxed, comfortable work environments that feel more like home have become increasingly popular.

Traditional office furniture can be large and difficult to adjust on-the-fly. Cubicles, walls, and closed offices can be divisive and don’t easily facilitate free communication and team collaboration. The resimercial goal is achieve a happy-medium, skillfully combining the softness, comfortability, and style of residential furniture pieces – while never losing sight of the essential functionality, strength, and durability of office furniture.



Furnishing Your Resimercial Space 101:

  • Furniture and accent pieces with a unique or one-of-a-kind look are natural additions.
  • Experiment with unexpected materials, colors, and finishes for a warmer, less corporate look.
  • Lighting and wall treatments are essential to achieving just the right home-like vibe.
  • Consider including plenty of lounge and soft seating to avoid the rigidity and firmness associated with traditional office seating arrangements.
  • Traditional residential and office furniture pieces are meant for different environments and thus are designed to withstand different levels of use. Consider durability and functionality as equally as comfort and style.



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