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The Year Rental Went Viral

Posted: 8.16.19
Category: AFR Residential

Though it seems to be getting more coverage lately, renting as an alternative to buying is not a new concept. In addition to becoming more widely accepted, renting is considered more stylish than ever. Various industries take their turn at fine-tuning the business model and streamlining the process with a little help from modern technology. For many students and young professionals, it’s not all about being fashionable. Much of the landscape for today’s consumer does not match that of their parents. Starting their lives in the wake of the Great Recession and often wrestling for years with the high cost of education, this generation of Americans tends to be more selective about how their money (and time) is spent, often coveting experiences over material possessions. So, what are the benefits?




  • More options and flexibility.
  • Streamlined ordering process.
  • Fast delivery/pick-up and easy returns.
  • Less stress, aggravation, and responsibility.
  • No long-term commitments associated with ownership.
  • No difficult or costly maintenance or upkeep.
  • Try stuff out and consider buying the things you love.
  • Don’t get stuck living with the things you don’t love for way too long.
  • Reduces stress on the environment by avoiding overconsumption.



  • Downsize seamlessly.
  • Moving becomes faster and easier.
  • Get your foot in the door before making long term decisions.
  • More time to plan your move and future plans.
  • No need to throw things away prior to moving.




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