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3 Helpful Work From Home Tips

Posted: 3.20.20
Category: AFR Residential

Practice social distancing and work from home like a pro over the next few weeks. AFR Furniture Rental is a fast and flexible provider of high-quality, modern home office furniture rentals across the United States. Select from our wide variety of stylish desks, office chairs, bookshelves, filing cabinets and anything else you need to keep up the good work from home.

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Check out these 3 tips to help you stay comfortable and productive in your new home office.



Organize your to do list - and stick to it!

Make sure to have a detailed list of your assignments, projects, meetings, and reminders – and sort them realistically by priority. Knock out the big stuff and start working your way down to lesser tasks. Cut yourself some slack, the bottom of today’s list can become the top of tomorrow’s list and so on. Stay flexible and take advantage of powerful cloud-based technology options like OneNote and Todoist.



Double-check your technology.

When it comes to technology, things can go wrong – sometimes right in the middle of that important video conference. Don’t hold up the meeting because your mic doesn’t work, or you haven’t logged into Skype from your home computer yet. Think about what your usual technology needs would be if you were in the office and do your best to replicate that setup. There are going to be some hiccups at first! It’s okay if something is missing or not working correctly but you will be ahead of the game if you catch any issues early on so they can be corrected.



Create a space that works for you.

You need to be comfortable, focused, and able to remain creative. Create a dedicated workspace for yourself that feels good – and consider building it in the quietest area of your home. Running out to a retail store and buying permanent furniture simply isn’t an option for a lot of us right now. Luckily AFR offers stylish and practical office furniture built for any home and any budget. Shop online and never step foot in a store. We safely and carefully handle delivery, setup, and pickup so you don’t have to hang on to unnecessary office furniture when you are back to your normal day-to-day.

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Stay healthy and safe – from our family to yours.


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