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New School – Practical Learning from Home Setups for Kids

Posted: 4.01.20
Category: AFR Residential

Workers aren’t the only ones setting up at home to help flatten the curve by social distancing. Schools across the US are now pioneering new ways to continue educating while also keeping students safe.

Many parents are now facing the tough reality of balancing their normal (or often accelerated, due to our uncertain circumstances) workloads along with the important learning from home needs of their kids. Students still need an adequate setup in order to pay attention comfortably and achieve high grades.

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A small writing desk is a great option for everyone because it’s not a huge investment in terms of money, time, or space. Something you want to think about is getting desks into your house – through doors and up steps if fully assembled. Don’t forget about time if it’s not already built for you, especially if you are now setting up multiple desks in your house. Writing desk rentals from AFR are sturdy, super stylish, and easy to move in and out – especially since our skilled delivery team safely and carefully handles delivery, setup, and even pickup.


Who remembers trying to pay attention in those hard-as-a-rock high school chairs that are fastened to the desk portion? Talk about a real pain in the butt! AFR offers a wide selection of comfortable chairs. Choose a chair that perfectly matches your writing desk selection - or go for an upholstered chair for added comfort. We even offer a wide selection of stylish high-back and low-back task chairs for more customization and functionality.


Your student could also benefit from some additional lighting – and a nice desk lamp could be the final touch you need for your complete LFH (learn from home) setup. Whether they are studying, working through challenging problems and projects, or you just want to try to help keep them awake, don’t forget to add a lamp! AFR has so many desk lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps to choose from.


AFR has got your family’s back! With many retail stores closing, traditional shopping simply isn’t an option for a lot of us right now. That’s why renting with AFR is the way to go. Our delivery team safely handles deliver, setup, and even pickup – so you don’t get stuck with a house full of stuff you don’t need when we all return to work and school.


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We would like to take this time to thank all the essential workers who have continued working selflessly to help others throughout this global COVID-19 outbreak. You are true heroes and we salute you.

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