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Spring Cleaning: 5 BIG Benefits of Living a More Minimalist Lifestyle

Posted: 3.24.22
Category: AFR Residential

Declutter your home and your heart.

Finally—spring has sprung! We’re already beginning to see evidence of change right outside our windows, with temperatures, not unlike spring flowers, rising and chasing away our winter blues.

Inside our homes is a different story altogether, as we sometimes wish our interiors could also awaken, blossoming and undergoing some sort of beautiful transformation along with the seasons. Alas, things are never this simple, and spring cleaning is inevitably right around the corner...

If only we’d done more to minimize unimportant odds and ends last year, cleaning this year would be an absolute breeze. Instead, we decided to hang on to some things for way too long, even storing and cleaning around stuff that doesn’t suit us at all, though we’ve totally convinced ourselves we could maybe, possibly use it again at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle
What Does it Mean?

While tidying, decluttering, organizing, and just plain getting rid of excess junk are all big parts of living a more minimalist lifestyle, they’re merely pieces of the larger picture. Individuals who explore a more minimalist way of living typically try to maintain an overarching “less is more” attitude. More mindful of the possessions they live with, they choose to keep only the things they feel are really needed for everyday life, which releases them from material possessions that no longer serve any purpose. This feeling of freedom allows minimalists to focus on more important things by cutting distractions, reclaiming valuable spare time, and making room for a happier and more meaningful life.



BIG Benefit #1

Simplify Your Spring Cleaning!

Just the thought of giving our home the deep seasonal clean it deserves can trigger feelings of impending doom for those of us with too much stuff. Where do we even begin? Now imagine how simple and stress-free spring cleaning could be if we could just cut all the extra junk from the equation instead of organizing it, cleaning around it, and continuing to store it for year after year. With less clutter there’s less chaos, and when we don’t hold on to as much stuff all the time, we find that all our favorite things have their rightful places in our homes, making spring cleaning—and cleaning sessions in general—a real breeze.

BIG Opportunity! Invest in some useful and stylish organizers and storage bins to neatly tuck away important stuff. Spring cleaning may also be the perfect time to explore going digital where possible instead of hanging on to stacks of paper magazines, catalogs, books, bills, and more.



BIG Benefit #2

Maximize Your Free Time!

We all know life is short. Who wouldn’t want to have more time to live and give of ourselves fully? We may not even realize how much of our time, attention, and money is devoted to acquiring and hanging on to material possessions until we really stop to think about it. When we start to get rid of these unnecessary things in our homes, we remove tons of tiny mental distractions which can free us up to relax and just enjoy life. Organization coupled with a relaxed mind can turbocharge our productivity—especially when we’re working from home. Consider how much more time we could have taking into account new, lightning-fast cleaning sessions or our magical ability to always locate the more elusive essentials such as our wallet, keys, and even the remote for the TV.



BIG Benefit #3

Clear Your Mind and Improve Focus!

Clutter exists in our minds as much as it does in our homes, and when things are crowded and disorganized, everything has the potential to cause a mini stress response. Our homes should be our getaway from the busy and noisy stresses in life. As we learned earlier, a more minimalist attitude frees up time and room in our minds for improved focus, allowing us to be more fully present and in the moment. With a no mess, no stress mentality, we’ll be less anxious and worried, and more deeply focused on important things like family, work, and being creative.



BIG Benefit #4

Spend Less and Save More!

When we become more selective and critical about what we choose to buy, we don’t feel obligated to overconsume all the time. This can really help us focus on cutting back on any frivolous spending. When we spend only on what we need, we are afforded more opportunities to save extra cash, or even put it towards something more worthwhile—like a vacation or experience.

BIG Opportunity! In addition to eating up time, there are financial expenses associated with relying on and keeping too many possessions and services. Spring cleaning could be a wonderful time to research more affordable alternatives if they are available.



BIG Benefit #5

Help Improve the Environment!

Minimalists also try to align themselves with nature to live a more balanced life. When we are mindful and intentional about what we choose to consume, we are taking BIG steps to reduce strain on the environment—which very well could be one of the BIGGEST benefits of living a more minimalist lifestyle because we are able to give back to the entire planet.

BIG Opportunity! Instead of buying single-use products, consider limiting household waste by investing in reusable products like cups, containers, straws, and more. Never forget, choosing to donate excess possessions that are no longer useful to us can be life-changing for another family or individual in need. ❤️


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