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The Return of Resimercial: 3 Style Tips for Modern Offices

Posted: 4.05.22
Category: AFR Commercial

The Return of Resimercial: 3 Style Tips for Modern Offices
Mixing Business With Pleasure Has Never Looked Better

Resimercial Style is an office design philosophy which involves thoughtfully blending the durability and functionality of traditional commercial office furniture with all the comforts and modern aesthetics of a beautiful home. Though we’ve often thought of 2017-2019 as the golden age for this look among mainly highly collaborative companies and progressive startups, we’re now finding the many grey areas of today’s offices are creating bigger-than-ever opportunities to explore the resimercial look.

Along with rethinking their traditional 9 to 5 work week, today’s office employees are reexamining many aspects of their jobs and careers—including their experience in the office. Now more than ever, employees are putting their needs first and many offices appear to be hearing the message loud and clear, and are providing more comfortable and inviting workspaces, complete with areas well suited for both free collaboration and deep focus.

Whether you’re looking to just soften up your workspace a bit, or you’re ready to dive deep into a full resimercial overhaul, here are a three basic style tips to help get you started:

Style Tip #1

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out and Make a Statement

It’s time to leave the days of plain, boring offices in the past. That means you don’t have to worry about standing out when you include things like bright or uniquely-shaped furniture and lamps, dramatic accents, and modern art pieces. In fact, we’re encouraging you to stand out and make a bold statement! Your business is one-of-a kind, so always try to channel that same one-of-a-kind energy that makes your company unique when designing your office.

Style Tip #2

Enter Uncharted Territories and Discover Bold New Styles

We’ve found that experimentation can be an effective secret weapon for unlocking magical looks in any environment. Play with unconventional materials, colors, shapes, and finishes. The goal is to achieve a warm and neat appearance that feels miles off from stuffy or corporate.

This may be as good a time as ever to remind ourselves that there is such a thing as too bold and too experimental—especially in an office setting. Always take a moment to question how distracting the addition of something might be before you really follow through with it. While bold style is certainly what we’re reaching for, this must never come at the cost of creativity or comfort for those working in our office.

Style Tip #3

Turbocharge Creativity by Prioritizing Comfort

Stress can absolutely stop creativity in its tracks so always aim for comfort in your office wherever possible, or at least make sure there is a dedicated area employees can go to take the edge off when needed. When offices are centered around comfortability, excess distractions are eliminated and employees have more space in their days to devote to important projects and tasks. Explore including lounge and soft seating in your office, and make sure to encourage staff to use it whenever they need to! Sometimes a good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle or some magazines and books coupled with comfortable seating can go a long way to give employees a quick mental break.

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