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5 Reasons Why Renting Furniture for Your Home Makes More Sense Than Ever

Posted: 10.07.22
Category: AFR Residential

The idea of renting furniture for your home instead of buying it isn’t anything new. So why are a lot of people just now catching on to the benefits of renting furniture? Simply put, things have changed. Today, life for most consumers doesn’t match that of our parents’ generation. We put more emphasis on ourselves; unique details like our style, tastes, and needs. Wherever possible, we seek out smart solutions that offer a little extra flexibility. We’re more conscious of our impact on the environment. We’re also largely more conscious about how we spend our hard-earned dollars.

Reason #1

Furniture Rental May Better Complement Your Lifestyle

Purchasing, moving, and maintaining costly, permanent home furniture simply isn’t the best fit for every lifestyle. Even early in the process, renting furniture cuts the aggravation and responsibility of ownership. Imagine selecting the best furniture options for your home online without ever setting foot in a showroom. Now imagine your selection arriving at your door with fast and professional delivery and set up. Picture fast and simple returns once you’re done and friendly, knowledgeable client support every step of the way.

Reason #2

Furniture Rental Is a More Flexible Option

Renting your furniture is a fantastic way to stay flexible and mobile, especially during transitional periods due to work, school, or a move. Get your foot in the door before making lasting decisions about your furniture and décor - or buy yourself some extra time to plan your move. With no long-term commitments, you control when it’s time to downsize, and there’s no need to haul, sell, or trash furniture when you’re ready to move on. Moving day just got a whole lot easier!

Reason #3

Furniture Rental Reduces Our Impact on the Environment

Our favorite part about the furniture rental cycle is that it helps to reduce our impact on the environment by curbing over-consumption. With careful planning and the proper maintenance, furniture that is being rented out can be reused many times during its lifespan. Since manufacturing furniture relies on resources, being able to reuse furniture in this way reduces waste and the need for excess manufacturing. Plus, furniture pieces are often reworked and sold as low-cost options for permanent furniture after they’ve reached the end of their rental lifespan, again reducing our impact on the world around us while providing our community with affordable home and office furniture options.

Reason #4

Furniture Rental is a Cost-Effective Solution

Time is money. For short-term and long-term living situations alike, renting furnishings and décor for your home or apartment can be a cost-effective solution that allows a little extra time to save money, repair credit history, or money saved could be invested in education or even a lucrative side-hustle. When you rent, there’s no difficult or costly maintenance or upkeep needed - you just return it when you’re done or swap it out whenever you’re ready.

Reason #5

Furniture Rental is the More Stylish Choice

When you rent, it’s always possible to take advantage of the latest and greatest furniture pieces when they arrive. Add beautiful new detail to your home or apartment with accessories and housewares, or effortlessly downsize. Don’t get stuck owning something you might be aching to replace in six months. Adjust your order and swap out pieces on the fly with a trusted rental service designed for you.

Finally, a Furniture Rental Company Designed for You

We carefully craft the details of every furniture rental experience around you, working on your terms and going the extra mile so you don’t have to. We cherish your complete satisfaction and offer an expansive catalog of exquisite styles and personalized housewares packages featuring impeccable options to rent for homes, events, offices, and beyond. With 45+ years of industry experience, 24 strategic locations across the US, and a growing family of 700+, AFR Furniture Rental provides you with the highest degree of service and versatility. Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind that come along with selecting an innovative, stress-free furniture company. Finally, a furniture rental company designed for you. Get Started

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