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or those of us not lucky enough to have a spare

room to devote to an oice, and need somewhere to
work besides the sofa or the kitchen table, here are ive

ideas to creatively add a dedicated work area that will

take up minimal real estate in your home loorplan:

1 . Make the most of a corner.

Create a nook with a small corner desk and
upholstered chair. Use the wall space above the desk

for wall shelves, hanging iles, and memo boards.

2 . Rearrange furniture to make the space.

Move your sofa to the center of the room. Place a

decorative table behind the sofa with a back table and
oice chair against the wall.

3 . Under the stairs? Yes!

Use an oddly shaped area under the stairs to create a
small workspace with a stylish decorative table, chair,

and small iling cabinet.

4 . Take advantage of wall space.

Use two tables divided by a bookshelf to create a

two-side work desk with storage. Be sure to match

the décor and woods in the room so the area blends
with existing décor and enhances your workspace,

rather than detracting from it.

5 . Repurpose an extra closet.

Create a small nook in an extra coat closet. Paint

the interior of the closet and add a small work table
with decorative chair and utilize the existing shelves

for storage.

Wherever you decide to create a work haven, be sure to add good lighting, wall art,

or a mirror and some decorative color-focused accents and accessories to deine the

space. Allow function to meet form and blend it with the ambiance of the room.

The trick is to use conventional areas in non-traditional ways and turn them into

productive and eicient spaces. Looking for more? At AFR, we have plenty of ideas

to help you create a workspace that will meet and exceed your expectations. With a

large and lexible inventory, we have many diferent furnishings and styles to help you

design and decorate a home oice.

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