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Repurpose Space


Everyone has a room or area
guests. Instead of the traditional Consider AFR’s Parkins or River Loft

in their home that they rarely bedroom suite consider putting in a Dining Room to create the perfect
sofa sleeper or daybed. Use a desk
setting. This is a quick and easy
use whether it is a guest room,
a formal dining or living room. or iling cabinet for more storage; ix that projects a professional

With Americans turning to divide the closet and create dual- design feel.
purpose space: one side for guests
smaller homes and micro living,
and one side for oice supplies. This Do you have a large bedroom?
there is a way to eiciently
utilize space through dual use adjustment instantly develops a more Create a comfortable and cozy suite
practical and often-used room.
by adding a social table and funky
or mixed-space rooms.
chair that its with the décor. Don’t

If you ind that your formal dining want the space to feel cluttered?
Whether there is a need for an
room is being neglected because Consider the Walden Desk and

oice or a playroom, creating you have a great room, divide the matching chair. Further deine the
multiple vignettes can help maximize
space by creating separate dining vignette by adding a hanging mirror
space and create a space that makes and seating areas. This is as simple or painting. If there is room, add a

sense. It is time to break up those as using an area rug to deine the reading chair like AFR’s Burnish Chair
seldom used rooms and put them to space and it immediately creates and matching ottoman.

work. Here are a couple ideas to get two separate vignettes in one room.

you started.
Add a lighting ixture over the dining Try some lateral thinking and use
table and you’re done. If the room your imagination. Every situation and

Need a private oice at home but isn’t large enough for that, consider space is diferent, but where there is

do not have the room? Redesign moving your couch into the middle a will – there is an idea; and a way!
your guest room to create an oice of the room and backing it with a

that can still be used when you have
dining table and lamps.


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