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With summer beginning to fade into the 

cooler temperatures and cozier times of fall 

and winter, this year’s color trends take a 

surprisingly untypical turn and expand 

boundaries beyond the horizons of normal 

standardized fall colors.

With the explosion of Radiant Orchid onto the palette individualize and create spaces that truly relect 
earlier this year, colors have continued to take a bolder one’s personality.

and splashier stance in everything from fashion to 

interior design.
Does this mean that you need to run out and buy 
rooms full of new furnishings and accessories? 

There’s nothing typical about the Pantone colors Absolutely not! With a few changes, a space can
for this fall and winter season. With a smorgasbord
be updated so that it oozes with vibrancy, individuality 

of hues like Aurora Red, Sangria, Aluminum, Royal and of this year’s color, and design trends that won’t

Cobalt Blue, Cypress Green, Misted Yellow and Cognac, break the bank.
the world becomes a blank canvas from which to

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