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1 . Get rid of the matchy, matchy
4 . Switch out pillows, throws and artwork

Mixing is in. That includes furniture, color, pattern and By far the most economical way to refresh a room 
texture. Retro is hot this season, but you don’t have
with color is to buy new accessories. They add verve 

to go overboard. A Murano glass lamp and a starburst to a room so it feels new again. Throw in one or

wall clock in a beautiful dulled metallic will go a long two brushed gold and silver accents and really
way in pulling that feel into a room, even if your look is make it sparkle.

presently Ultra Modern. Mix it up!

5 . Artisanal pieces

2 . Old is new

Add a one-of-a-kind accent piece or furnishing. Buying 
There is a resurgence of reimagined antiques and a wooden carved bowl for example, not only gives the 

vintage pieces to add a modern twist. Create interest room a global chic feel, but also supports the local 
with a vintage chair or a settee in bold color or pattern 
artisans that make a living of of their work. Bonus!
(or both) to add a splash of lair to a room.

Modest design tweaks with simple and unique, yet 

3 . “Fifty Shades of Gray”
beautiful embellishments are key to making homes 

shine this fall. Play with color, pattern, texture and 
Combine diferent shades of gray for a beautifully style. Remember there are no hard and fast rules – 

layered look. Accent it with crystal, gunmetal silver or have fun with it!
dull aluminum. Whether paired with elegant chic or the 

clean lines of modern style, grey is the new beige.

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