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Envious room 


Six tips for creating Tip One | Know the dimensions
Tip three | Work the form

of the room
rooms that look All spaces have form; whether the
form is oval, round, or square, etc. For 
professionally arranged
Also, know the ingress points and
the measurements of each. Be sure
instance, a long, narrow room can be 

to include doors, hallway, and stair dealt with by dividing the room into two 
widths (if they must be traversed to
squares. Use one end of the room for a 
Have you ever looked through an 
the room you are decorating). It is conversational space with big lounging 
interior design magazine wishing that important both in selecting the right chairs and a television and use the other 
your décor was so divine that Luxe, 
size of furniture for the room and then for a diferent function such as a dining 
Elle DECOR or Dwell were beating getting the furnishings in the room and area. Dividing up space into another 
down your door to feature your house 
leaving enough space to move around form makes decorating an easier task.
in their next edition?

Putting rooms together can be an 
overwhelming ask plagued with interior 
Tip Two | Set the tone of the room
design insecurity, but it does not have 
to be if you remember a few basic Want energy in a room? Select the 
to read the final 
starters and build on them. No matter furnishings in diferent heights and 
your style or lavor, rooms can relect sizes. If you want a more serene, calm three tips on our blog 

“you” perfectly while looking like environment, make sure the furnishings at
an interior designer has professionally are the same height and scale.

arranged them.

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