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AFR® Employee Spotlight

Meet Bob Hickey

AFR® Account Executive in the Greater Philadelphia Area

A seventeen-year veteran in the industry, he helped discover and 

launch AFR’s Home Staging Division in 2005. He is passionate about 
developing and maintaining relationships that result in repeat business, 

referrals, and efective and positive AFR branding. He inds it both 
exciting and gratifying to be relied upon to install a model apartment 

and leasing oices in newly constructed luxury communities. He also 
enjoys being able to meet the end users of an Insurance Housing 

installation and see their relief at being able to ind respite in a 
beautifully furnished temporary home. (It’s a dead giveaway that he 

has a big heart).

When he’s not working, you’ll ind him spending time with his wife and 
coaching eleven year old Julia’s, and nine year old Bobby’s, sports teams, 

going to the movies, concerts and attending sporting events! With a 
great zest for life, he hopes to live to be a great grandfather (we hope 

so, too Bob), spend three weeks lounging in Hawaii (can we go?) and 
visit both the Baseball and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame. With a favorite 

quote of “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win,” we know that 
Bob will achieve everything that he sets out to do and we are so happy 

to have him as a part of our AFR Family!
Pictured: Bob Hickey, with his wife and two children.


Contact your AFR Representative by calling 888.AFR.RENT to ind out what 
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