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Style Guide: 4 Questions with AFR Merchandising Manager Katelyn Watson

Posted: 7.29.22
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It’s no secret that a large part of what’s hot and fashionable today will be yesterday’s news with the passing of time. But as the great Coco Chanel once pointed out, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” Therefore, selecting truly stylish furniture pieces that stand the test of time takes a deep understanding of not only the hottest trends, but also the result - including goals, purpose, and intent.

Keeping this all in mind, and with the New Year quickly approaching, we decided to check in with Merchandising Manager Katelyn Watson to see what style and design trends are on the horizon for 2023 as well as gain key insight into what inspires her and sparks her creativity when she’s planning and reviewing the latest and greatest products.

What styles or aesthetics are you keeping a close eye on for 2023?

We’re seeing an increase in interesting natural materials and textures. Warm and grounding tones are back. Softened, interesting curves are dominating the design world. We’re also seeing spaces get a heavy dose of personality with fun, bold, joy-sparking accents.



How have your own personal tastes evolved or changed since your career began?

In my position, it’s especially important to stay as neutral as possible and avoid the bias of my personal taste. We have a vast array of clientele, and we work hard to serve them all. With that being said, I have found my personal taste has really expanded. “Walking a mile” in our clients’ shoes has opened my mind to some aesthetics I would not have otherwise explored.

What excites and inspires you most about curating the latest products for the Company?

Seeing photos of our products in beautiful spaces is extremely gratifying. It can take anywhere from a month to a year to have a product evolve from an idea to a sketch, from a sketch to a sample, and eventually to an order.

Where do you hope style and design go in the future?

I believe design will always play a game of pushing forward and reaching back in time. Repurposing outdated items in a new and fresh way can save our planet a lot of waste. I hope to see a continued push toward sustainability.

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Meet Katelyn Watson

Merchandising Manager

We are very proud to announce the promotion of Katelyn Watson to merchandising manager for AFR Furniture Rental. Katelyn began working at AFR in 2015 as administrative assistant to Chief Revenue Officer Tricia Schmitt, before moving into the procurement field as a purchasing coordinator and later buyer for the Company. For as long as she can remember, Katelyn has loved interior design, dating back to her childhood dreams of one day being hired as a “professional bed-maker” for the JCPenney catalog.

In her current role, Katelyn is dedicated to designing and selecting the absolute best products for the Company, meeting with vendors, and attending home furnishings markets throughout the year. She also handles photography and is a key player when it comes to introducing the latest product. Though she works most closely with purchasing and marketing, Katelyn is always ready to shift gears, often teaming up with different areas of the company as needed. For example, she was deeply involved in supporting the transition of the Company’s operating system in 2018.

Katelyn is inspired each day by a variety of music — folk, jazz, metal, and more — and always finds new outlets to channel her creativity such as designing, planting, painting, redecorating, or playing guitar. In her time away from work, she likes taking her dog, Kona, for a walk, riding horses and jet skis, or pretty much anything involving animals, nature, and the great outdoors. Katelyn couldn’t live without her dedicated support system, from her loud and very close-knit family to her incredible group of best friends.

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